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          Lionel Shriver: We Need to Talk about Those SAT “Adversity Points”

          Shriver argues that families that have successfully struggled to overcome adversity will be penalized.

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          New York Times Columnist: Rich Progressives Are Making Our Cities Unlivable

          Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco is Exhibit A.

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          Nevada set to join compact to subvert the Electoral College

          The state of Nevada is among the latest to attempt an end run around our constitutionally prescribed method of electing the President...

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          Uh-Oh: Men Earn More than Women in Senator Harris' Senate Office and on Campaign Staff

          This seems to conflict with the spirit of her gender pay gap plan.

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          Why Universal Basic Income Will Ruin Lives

          And yet the idea of a UBI remains perennially popular.

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          U.K. Columnist: I'd Rather Not Have Gone to Oxford if I Needed "Adversity Points" to Do So

          Allison Pearson came from a "disadvantaged background." It was important to know she had been accepted at Oxford on merit.

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          Kamala Harris Unveiled a Pay Gap Attack Plan That's Bound to Fail

          Senator Harris copy and pasted this bad idea from Iceland.

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          Via PJ Media

          by Claudia Rosett

          Technology can be a beautiful thing. But in the matter of who wields it, it can be vital to distinguish friend from foe...

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          Paid leave bill would hurt families

          Via Times Argus

          by Carrie L. Lukas

          Vermont’s House of Representatives recently passed H.107, a bill to create a statewide paid family and medical leave program...

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          A lot of deception about school choice

          Via Charleston Gazette

          by VIcki Alger

          There’s no shortage of distortion when it comes to education reform. The recent legislative debate over educational choice in West Virginia is a case in point...

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          Sex strikes: Stupid, wrong, ineffective

          Via Washington Examiner

          by Hadley Heath

          Women shouldn’t put their personal pleasure or their relationships aside to make a political point...

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          Guatemalan Ghost Towns: Traffickers Tout U.S. Asylum Laws To Lure Migrants Away From Homeland

          Via saraacarter.com

          by Sara A. Carter

          As President Trump continues to battle what he describes as a do nothing congress for a solution to fix the ongoing border crisis, cartels and human trafficking anizations are taking advantage of the situation. They are using the U.S. laws to perpetuate illegal immigration, promising potential migrants guaranteed access to the U.S. from Guatemala where they say they will find work, as long as they claim asylum.

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          War Of Words: Will Impeachment And Abortion Debates Frame 2020? ? WGBH

          Top Dems Blow Any Chance of Bipartisan Reform ? Evening Edit

          Collins Transcripts Show Close Door Conversations Downplaying Orr's Involvement ? Hannity


          Elizabeth Warren Says She Won't Go On Fox. Is It A Smart Move? ? WBUR ? Listen >>>

          Via WBUR

          Booming Economy is Frustrating Democrats ? Stacy on the Right ? Listen >>>

          Dems Use Impeachment for Fundraising, While Most Americans Don't Want to Hear It ? Diane Jones Show ? Listen >>>


          Study Finds Wisconsin Private Schools More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Public Schools

          Via The Heartland Institute

          by Vicki E. Alger

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          Via Network of Enlightened Women

          by Patrice Lee Onwuka

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          16-Year-Olds Want a Vote. Fifty Years Ago, So Did 18-Year-Olds.

          Via The New York Times

          by Jennifer C. Braceras

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